The Police Will Never Change In America. My experience in police academy.

Throwaway for obvious reasons. If you feel If i'm just bitter due to my dismissal please call me out on it as I need a wake up call.

Over the fall semester I was a police recruit at a Community Colleges Police Academy in a midwestern liberal city. I have always wanted to be a police officer, and I felt like I could help kickstart a change of new wave cops. I am passionate about community oriented policing, making connections with the youth in policing, and changing lives on a individual level. I knew police academy would be mentally and physically challenging, but boy oh boy does policing need to change.

Instructors taught us to view citizens as enemy combatants, and told us we needed a warrior mindest and that we were going into battle everyday. It felt like i was joining a cult. Instructors told us supporting our fellow police officers were more important than serving citizens. Instructors told us that we were joining a big bad gang of police officers and that protecting the thin blue line was sacred. Instructors told us George Floyd wasn't a problem and was just one bad officer. I tried to push back on some of these ideas and posed to an instructor that 4 other officers watched chauvin pin floyd to the ground and did nothing, and perhaps they did nothing because they were trained in academy to never speak agaisnt a senior officer. I was told to "shut my fucking face, and that i had no idea what i was talking about.

Sadly, Instructors on several occasions, and most shockingly in the first week asked every person who supported Black Lives Matter to raise their hands. I and about a third of the class did. They told us that we should seriously consider not being police officers if we supported anti cop organizations. They told us BLM was a terrible organization and to get out if we supported them. Instructors repeatedly made anti lgbt comments and transphobic comments.

Admittedly I was the most progressive and put a target on my back for challenging instructor viewpoints. This got me disciplined, yelled at, and made me not want to be a cop. We had very little training on de-escalation and community policing. We had no diversity or ethics training.

Despite all this I made it to the final day. I thought if I could just get through this I could get hired and make a difference in the community as a cop and not be subject to academy paramilitary crap. The police academy dismissed me on the final day because I failed a PT test that I had passed multiple times easily in the academy leading up to this day. I asked why I failed and they said my push up form was bad and they were being more strict know it was the final. I responded saying if you counted my pushups in the entrance and midterm tests than they should count now. I was dismissed on the final day of police academy and have to take a whole academy over again. I have no plan to retake the whole academy and I feel like quality police officers are dismissed because they dont fit the instructors cookie cutter image of a warrior police officer and the instructors can get rid of them with saying their form doesn't count on a subjective sit up or push up test. I was beyond tears and bitterly disappointed. Maybe policing is just that fucked in america

Sexual abuse

Since the mid-1970s, there have been over 100 reported cases of police officers raping Explorers, the vast majority of whom were underage. Such incidents have occurred in at least 66 police departments.[3] Learning for Life has created a set of rules governing the Explorer program, which includes a non-fraternization policy between officers (or "adult leaders") and Explorers.[4] However, it leaves oversight to individual departments.[5] There are no reported cases of Learning for Life revoking a police department's ability to operate an Explorer program over failed oversight leading to one or several incidents of sexual abuse.[5]

Cities forcing posts to disband

Several cities, most notability Los Angeles, California, have forced their police department to disband their Explorer Program due to the Scouts' of America's former anti-gay policies and city laws preventing associating with businesses that discriminate.[6] LAPD has replaced their program with the Cadet Program.

Chico spends more

The blind veneration of police is the structural pillar of white supremacy

"Any criticism is an attack" from a police officer:
The police are extremely allergic to criticism.

The view of the police on community policing?
Community policing is what we do TO the community. Not FOR the community and certainly not WITH the community.

No other profession excuses fatal mistakes like we cops do. Any criticism is an attack. We think policing is something we do TO a community & not FOR a community & certainly not WITH the community if that means actual input. We don't get to tell them how we do our job; they do.

"If you ain't licking our boots, you are the enemy."
We hear you loud and clear, pigs.

"The central concept in modern conservatism is victimhood. Responsibility, accountability - those are standards they apply to others, never to themselves"

Conservatism reaches a dead end

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