Hiring / Staffing:

Expand parking enforcement by hiring one additional Parking Enforcement Officer (PEO)

Improving parking enforcement in the Town of Framingham suppoprts the Town's overreaching goals of improving public safety and revitalizing at risk neighborhoods. We have identified a need for enhanced parking enforcement internally within town government and externally from meetings in communities and neighborhoods. Parking enforcement in Framingham is a directed activity based on collected intelligence, safety issues and other related priorities.

Due to the volume of the parking related incidences and complaints, the response to many parking complaints is delayed at best and often not addressed in the manner we would like them addressed. Increasing our capacity will ensure a timely and proper response to more parking enforcement incidents and issues which should prevent and reduce higher priority parking problems.

By enhancing parking enforcement and the technology that supports it, we will address and improve our capabilities as we respond to a demonstrated public need. We will also increase our ability to ensure safe passage on our roadways and maintain equitable access to our available parking. We feel adding an additional parking enforcement officer (PEO) will allow the Town to achieve these goals.

Clearly, the most active branch in Framingham government is its Department Of Justifying Our Existence (employee unions).

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