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Steven Casey could have shot him in the leg a time or two but Casey decided that killing him was much easier, safer and of course more righteous. He also knew full well that as a police officer, he would never be charged with any crime. Killing as a police officer is like killing in the name of God.

The criminal will pull a knife. He may put a police officer in the hospital. The police officer will put him in the morgue. It's the Framingham police way.

Police officer shoots, kills man armed with knife Fri Aug 03, 2007
Norman Miller 508-626-3823 Metrowest Daily News
A Framingham Police officer shot and killed a man who threatened him with a knife near the Masonic Hall on Concord Street last night, authorities said.

Officer Steve Casey was on patrol in his cruiser on Concord Street around 8:15 when a man flagged him down, saying there was a body behind the Masonic Hall, police sources said.  As Casey walked toward him, the man threatened him with a fishing knife.

Casey fired his weapon several times, killing the man, according to police sources.  Officials did not identify the victim last night.

Casey was not injured.

Massachusetts State Police detectives assigned to the Middlesex District Attorney's office are investigating the shooting, according to DA spokesman Corey Welford.  Framingham Police will conduct an internal investigation.

The area near the shooting - at the corner of Concord and Mansfield streets - was blocked off by police, fire and highway crews.

After calling for help, Casey was the first person to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation, police sources said.  The man later died at MetroWest Medical Center. Casey joined the police department in 1995 after four years in the Marine Corps.  He is a member of the special operations unit and an instructor for the firearms unit.

Casey was among several officers honored with a commendation earlier this year, according to a story in the News.

In June 2006, police searched the woods in north Framingham for a despondent teenager who had taken a large quantity of anti-depressants.  Casey found him. After last night's shooting, four neighbors told the News they heard at least three gunshots.

"I heard bang, bang, bang," said George Butterly, who has lived in the area for 13 years.  "I heard three shots."

As he spoke, a Framingham officer approached a crowd of people lined up near police tape and asked, "Did anyone see anything, hear anything?"

Police also approached nearby homes and asked people gathered in doorways and on porches what they might have seen or heard.

"I thought it was fireworks at first," said a neighbor who identified himself as Ted, who saw the victim taken away in an ambulance.

Because of last night's passing storm, police set up a tent over a green park bench and trash can to preserve evidence.  Markers denoting shell casings were in the center of Concord Street.

At least four officers walked into the nearby woods with flashlights at about 9:30, checking the ground and trees near Gleason Pond.

Erica Johnston, who lives at the corner of Concord and Mansfield streets, with a direct view of the shooting scene, said she was watching television when she heard gunshots.  She immediately looked out her window.

"I saw a cop standing over a guy laying on the ground I assume had been shot or was shooting.  The cop had his gun pointed at him.  He didn't look like he was moving, really - but neither would I if a cop had his gun drawn on me," she said.

Bill Hannon, a Concord Street resident, said he was walking home from church when he heard gunshots.  He said he believes the victim was a young man.

Another man said he believes the man had tattoos.

Police officers in MetroWest rarely discharge their weapons in the line of duty.  In November 2006, a Franklin Police officer killed a man who pointed a rifle at police during a standoff at the man's home.  The shooting was later ruled justifiable by the Norfolk County District Attorney's office.

In May 2005, Framingham Officer Matthew Gutwill fired his gun three times at a pickup truck whose driver had rammed his cruiser.  Gutwill was cleared of any wrongdoing.

Before that incident, the last time a Framingham officer fired his weapon in the line of duty was 1989.

Framingham Police officers undergo 20 hours of training a year with their sidearms - a .40-caliber SigSauer, Police Chief Steven Carl said in a May 2005 interview.

The state only requires eight hours a year, he said.

Carl had said each officer must complete an eight-hour Massachusetts Criminal Justice Council qualifying course.  They also undergo eight-hour simulation scenarios using nonlethal bullets. There is also four hours of procedure training.

Cop on shooting a suspect: 'You don't forget it' Sunday, Aug 05, 2007
Norman Miller 508-626-3823 Metrowest Daily News
Framingham Police Officer Steve Casey will probably question himself over the next few days after he shot and killed an armed suspect Friday night, said an area officer who was involved in a previous fatal shooting.

Mendon Police and Fire Chief Ernest Horn, along with Blackstone Officer Matthew Mantoni, shot and killed a driver who led police on a chase in 1989 and tried to run over Horn, Horn said.

"It's something you live with for the rest of your life," he said.  "I can remember the day the individual was killed.  You don't forget it.  It's like it happened yesterday.  I don't remember his name, but I remember every second of the event.  I remember running up to his car and trying to resuscitate him."

On Friday, Casey shot and killed Karl Thomsen.  The 42-year-old Avon man flagged the officer down, told him there was a body near the Masonic Temple, and then approached the officer in a threatening manner with a large fishing knife.  Casey fired four shots at him, striking him at least once in the chest.

Horn, was involved in another shooting in 1997.  He shot at a speeding driver who tried to run him down.  The driver was not hit.

He said for the first hour after the fatal shooting, it did not hit him what he had just done.

"You second guess yourself," said Horn.  "You begin to question yourself.  The first thing that goes through your mind is an unbelievable rush, 'Did that really happen? Did I do the right thing?' I imagine the officer is going through a period asking himself, 'Why did I take this job? How will people perceive me?"'

After the 1989 shooting, both Horn and Mantoni were put on paid administrative leave and underwent stress counseling before returning to their jobs.  They also had to go to an inquest six months after the shooting, but were both cleared of any wrongdoing.

The time off is important, Horn said.

"I think a little downtime to allow for some personal reflection is important," he said.  "The last thing you want is to put an officer out on the street who may be gun-shy.  I think it is important to get him off the road and get them evaluated by mental health people."

The worst part, Horn said, was when he started reading about the person who died.

"The next few days, when you see it in the newspaper, you start to learn about the person," he said.  "We look at the guy as the bad guy who tried to kill you.  You just did your job.  It was black and white, but now you read about this person who had children.  They have a mom and a dad, maybe brothers and sisters.  You start wondering, 'Jeez, what about these people, they didn't do anything.'

"It can be tough."

Framingham Police ID shooting victim Sunday, Aug 05, 2007
Norman Miller 508-626-3823 Metrowest Daily News
Authorities have identified the man who was shot and killed by a Framingham Police officer Friday after he threatened him with a knife, but still do not know why the man did it.

Karl Thomsen, 42, of Avon, was declared dead at the MetroWest Medical Center at 8:41 p.m., after Officer Steve Casey shot him at least once in the chest.

"The decedent was shot and killed last evening after he flagged down the officer on patrol and then apparently came at him wielding a large knife," Middlesex District Attorney Gerard Leone said in a prepared statement. "As with any incident in which an on-duty officer discharges his firearm and a fatality results, our office, along with the Massachusetts State Police, will conduct a thorough investigation into the circumstances surrounding the shooting."

Casey, a 12-year veteran of the Framingham Police Department, was on routine patrol on Concord Street when Thomsen flagged him down at 8:19 p.m. and told the officer there was a body near the Masonic Temple.

Once Casey got out of the car, Thomsen threatened him with a large fishing knife. Casey fired four shots at him, striking him in the chest.

District attorney spokesman Corey Welford said it will not be known for sure how many times Thomsen was struck until an autopsy is completed.

Those who know Thomsen have no idea why he apparently snapped.

His mother, Nancy Tom, said Thomsen moved in with her and his father, Martin Tom, in April because he was out of work. He worked in the air conditioning/refrigeration field, she said.

"He's been stressed," she said.  "I have no idea what happened.  All I know is what the police told us and what we saw on TV.  He was supposed to be with us at a wedding."

The Toms adopted Thomsen when he was 2-months-old, Tom said.  She said he has not had any dealings with police for more than 20 years.  However, according to law enforcement records, Thomsen was arrested by Avon police Oct. 26, 2006, after allegedly shoplifting a $319 nail gun from Home Depot in Avon.  He was charged with larceny over $250.  The outcome of the case was not clear yesterday.

After calling for help, Casey was the first person to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation.  Thomsen later died at MetroWest Medical Center's Framingham Union campus.

Framingham Police will conduct their own internal investigation, according to Deputy Chief Craig Davis.

"For this particular case, where deadly force was involved, we make sure our policies were followed.  There are no indications they were not," said Davis.  "We'll look at our practices to make sure they're current and appropriate."

Casey will be placed on three-day administrative leave, which is department policy in any shooting, Davis said.  Casey will then be put back on patrol.

Thomsen lived in Framingham until April before moving in with his parents.  He lived at 155 Grant St. until about a year and a half ago, according to his former landlord, Helen Sarnosky.

Thomsen, she said, had a drinking problem because of his depression that started after he injured himself at work.

"We asked him to move because of the drinking," she said.  "Then he got himself back together and he came back to town.  He was OK.  He wasn't drinking.  He was fine.  He was normal.  Then he lifted an air conditioner, and he hurt his back again."

Thomsen took awhile to get his workman's compensation and began to drink again, and he left for good, Sarnosky said.

But, despite Thomsen's drinking, Sarnosky said she was surprised he would be involved in such a violent incident. 

"He was very quiet," she said.  "He wasn't a violent person."

Casey has been a solid member of the police department since he joined the force in 1995, Davis said.  Prior to joining the police force, he spent four years in the Marine Corps.

Since joining the force, Casey has been a member of the special operations unit and a firearms instructor, Davis said.

"He has always been a well-respected officer," Davis said.

Before Friday's shooting, the last time a Framingham officer fired his gun was in May 2005, when Officer Matthew Gutwill fired his gun three times at a pickup truck whose driver rammed his cruiser.  Gutwill was cleared of any wrongdoing.

Before that incident, the last time a Framingham officer fired his weapon in the line of duty was 1989.

Davis believes Thomsen's death may be the first for an officer-involved shooting in town.

"The bottom line is, thank God Officer Casey was unhurt," he said.  "It could have been more of a tragedy."

Chief praises officer who fatally shot man Tue August 07, 2007
Norman Miller 508-626-3823 Metrowest Daily News
Police Chief Steven Carl said he was proud of how Officer Steve Casey conducted himself Friday night when he fatally shot an Avon man who charged him with a knife.

"I hope if I were put in this same situation I could perform as well," Carl said yesterday.  "I hope all of my officers would perform so well.  An officer can work 30 years and never have to take their weapons out of their holsters."

Casey, a 12-year veteran of the Framingham Police Department, shot and killed Karl Thomsen, 42, on Friday a little after 8 p.m. Thomsen flagged down Casey near the Masonic Temple on Concord Street and told him there was a body nearby.

When Casey, a firearms instructor, got out of his cruiser, Thomsen charged at him with what was described as a large fishing knife.  Casey fired four shots at the charging man.

The Middlesex district attorney's office yesterday said Thomsen died of multiple gunshot wounds to his midsection, but did not say exactly how many times he was struck.

The Massachusetts State Police and the DA's office is conducting an investigation because it involves a fatality and a police officer.

Carl said the department also will conduct its own investigation.

"Internal affairs is doing the investigation, looking at all of our policies and procedures our practices to make sure the officer is acting 100 percent appropriately in the use of force," Carl said.

"This type of incident makes us look at everything.  It doesn't just begin and end with the shooting.  It involves the entire operation."

The shooting was the third incident since 2005 where an officer's life was in the balance, Carl said.

In January 2005, Officers Michael Degnan and William Fuer were stabbed when they went to question a suspect.  In May 2005, Framingham Officer Matthew Gutwill fired his gun three times at a pickup truck whose driver had rammed his cruiser.

"This is an incident, like Degnan, Fuer and Gutwill, where the officer could have been killed," the chief said.

"These are incidents when the officers had to defend their lives.  There was a real chance they may have not gone home at night.  That goes through every officer's mind.  We're very concerned about the violent assaults against the officers."

Carl described Casey, a former Marine, as "an excellent officer," who is highly trained, skilled and calm.

"If you're a citizen and called for the police, he's who you hope would show up at your door," Carl said.

DA: Officer justified in fatal shooting Thursday, August 23, 2007
Norman Miller 508-626-3823 Metrowest Daily News
FRAMINGHAM -- The Middlesex district attorney's office ruling that a Framingham Police officer was justified in shooting an armed suspect to death earlier this month was not a surprise, Chief Steven Carl said.

Officer Steven Casey shot and killed Karl E. Thomsen, 42, of Avon after the suspect charged Casey while holding a large knife.

The district attorney's office announced the ruling yesterday.

"From our point of view, we thought the state police investigation and the district attorney's review would come out as it did," said Carl. "I'm sure the majority of the public who knows the Framingham Police Department were sure the use of force was necessary. The fact that the district attorney's office and the state police have ruled it was justified use of force just makes it official."

Casey, a 12-year veteran of the Framingham Police Department, shot Thomsen just after 8 p.m. on Aug. 3. Thomsen had flagged Casey down near the Masonic Temple on Concord Street and told him there was a body nearby.

When Casey, a firearms instructor, got out of his cruiser, Thomsen charged at him with what was described as a large fishing knife. According to the authorities, Thomsen was making loud noises and would not stop as ordered.

Casey fired four shots at the charging man, hitting him all four times.

"Based on our investigation, it is clear that Mr. Thomsen approached Officer Casey in a way that created an immediate threat of serious bodily harm or death to the officer," the district attorney's office said in a statement.

"Upon completion of the investigation, our conclusion is that the response of the officer was appropriate and justifiable under the circumstances to affect lawful objectives, bring the incident under control and protect his own life."

Although the legal investigation is completed, Carl said the department will continue to conduct an internal investigation to see if all procedures were followed.

But, Carl said, it is a relief a major portion of the investigation is over.

"It's stressful for the Police Department, it's stressful for the officer and I'm sure it's stressful for the officer's family," the chief said. "It was the first, and hopefully the last, officer-involved shooting in my time as police chief."

Framingham officer given department's top award Saturday, May 17, 2008
Norman Miller 508-626-3823 Metrowest Daily News
FRAMINGHAM -- Police officers respond to hundreds of minor calls every year, but there may be only one call where all their training and instincts are called into play.

Officer Steven Casey was honored Wednesday by Chief Steven Carl for how he acted on that one call on Aug. 3, 2007, when he shot and killed a charging, knife-wielding Karl E. Thomsen, 42, of Avon.

Casey received the William H. Welch Medal of Honor, the department's highest honor. He is only the fifth officer to receive the award, which is named for the only Framingham officer ever killed in the line of duty. Welch was killed on Feb. 3, 1923.

"The honor was not because he took another's life," Carl said. "The honor was because he acted professionally and he could have saved other lives. If it wasn't Casey, it could have been a citizen who ran into him (Thomsen). He was looking to kill somebody that night."

In 2007, Framingham Police responded to 2,020 suspicious activity calls, nearly all of them minor.

But at 8:19 p.m. on Aug. 3, Casey was flagged down by Thomsen near the Masonic Temple on Concord Street. Thomsen told the officer he found a body near the woods at Gleason Park.

Once the officer got out the car, Thomsen charged at him with a knife.

Casey, a 12-year department veteran, shot the charging man four times, killing him.

"We tell officers not to be complacent, but if you go to the same building for an alarm for the 100th time, it's easy to get complacent," Carl said. "What happens is that is how officers get hurt.

"I'm proud of him," the chief continued. "I hope if I found myself in the same situation I could have acted as quickly as he did. I really hope all of our police officers could have acted in the same manner."

Comments submitted to the article

Note that the police officers responding preferred to remain anonymous.
It makes a powerful statement.

--> Harold J. Wolfe
The psychiactric prognosis that "he was looking for someone to kill" is a reach.
Does Mr. Casey have to license to do this kind of analysis?
Since Mr. Casey was the only survivor of the fight and there was no video, he gets to write the history of the incident.

--> Read the article before commenting Harold

It wasn't Casey that was quoted saying that "he was looking for someone to kill", it was Chief Carl. I did not see where anyone claimed it was a psychiatric evaluation. Seems to be more of a statment of fact. What other outcome of charging a Police Officer while armed with a knife would you anticipate? Was he just going to say hello to the Officer? The implication that Officer Casey shot the man for no reason is absurd. I for one commend the Officer's actions for handling a dangerous situation professionally. Time to put your tinfoil hat back on and take a nap Harry.

--> Spin?
What is missing is details. How many times was he shot? Where were the bullet holes? Front or back? Did the officer panic and overreact? How big was the knife? Was it a Rambo knife or a swiss army knife? How big was the victim? How big is Casey? Could Casey have walked away and talked him down from a distance?
Having said all that, the important thing is that Casey goes home alive, too bad about the victim.
Is this merely spin control publicity? I think the FPD are exceptional and professional, but nothing is perfect.

--> PK
Who really cares what Mr Wolfe thinks about the matter. A pat on the back to the officer, he survived his tour of duty and went home to his wife; unharmed!.

--> Matthew
A knife is a knife, try stabbing yourself with a swiss army knife and tell me if it doesn't hurt. Give me a break...

Hey Mattie. Cops are public servants supposed to protect and serve. If this guy was some nutcase-which he may have been- then it may be logical for the cop to protect the guy to the degree it was possible. Your simplistic answer is not what is required to do the job. There are gray areas Mattie. everything isn't black and white. My point, which you don't seem able to grasp, is that there is a lot we don't know about the incident. Again, the bottom line is that Officer Casey goes home alive. What I'd like to know is if there may been another course of action. We can't have cops taking down people that have mental illness or emotional problems. Give us all a break Mattie, think it through.

--> I remember this.
This was on the news and in the newspapers last summer. If you want details and facts, google the story. This was an article on the AWARD given, not the actual incident. The incident happened last summer so go look it up! The man had some mental issues and I believe his mother commented in the article on something not being right. Please keep the comments about the actual article at hand - the award given - and stop assuming things. Officer Casey did his job and protected the town. Be thankful for that. It could have been you, without protection, that ran into this crazy man.

--> Congratulations
Steve Casey is one of the finest officers in the Framingham Police Department. He had to do what he did on August 3, 2007. Having years and years of training in the military and the on-going in-service training that he receives throughout the year from the police department enables him to make level-headed decisions in split seconds. The bottom line is that only one person was going home that night and Casey's decision was that he was going home to his family. Congratulations on receiving this award. It was well deserved!!!!

--> To Harold J. Wolfe- YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED! People often write anonymous messages on this site hoping to hide behind their cowardly words, however, I'm glad you decided to leave your name. I read your ignorant comments and have no doubt that you have no idea what it means to serve and protect. You have no idea what it means to put on a uniform and go into situations that others run from. Officer Casey did what you cannot do and what you will never do-he bravely faced an individual who threatened his life and saved the life(s) of others who might not have been as skilled and brave as himself. You, Mr. Wolfe owe Officer Casey and his family an apology.

--> Leroy "How big was the knife?"
A knife, even of short length, is a lethal weapon. If the miscreant were successful in killing the officer, the medical examiner would have disassembled him with a knife about 1 inch long. Fortunately, the attacker was the one who was disassembled with a one inch blade.

--> "too bad about the victim."
Officer Casey was the victim of an attack with a lethal weapon. The shootee what not the victim, but the assailant.

--> Spin?
Ok, I stand corrected on the size of the knife. I googled the news story and there is not a lot of detail in the article. Perhaps the internal investigation report should be made public on the FPD website. My point is that this is a tragedy anyway you look at it. Knowing the results of the internal investigation would make a lot of things clearer and there should be no fears of this information being made public.

--> Mike
Spin, The District Attornyes office investigates all shootings involving police officers. All the questions you ask have been answered. Thankfully in a case like this courts have decided that the decision to use deadly force is based on what a "reasonable police officer" would have determined in the 2-3 seconds the officer had to make his decision. That prevents Monday morning quarterbacking by people who have no clue what it is like to be in a life or death situation and have seconds under a great deal of mental and physical stress to make the decision.

--> Well put Leroy
Congrats to Officer Casey and I thank him for his service.

--> To the Critics...
Any of you ever taken self-defense or police academy classes? Didn't think so. I have. The going logic is that an assailant with a knife (and lots of adrenaline) can charge 21 ft in about 3-5 seconds. What is this officer suposed to do? Turn and run? Call for help? Reason with the guy? I don't think so. There's no time to do anything but draw and shoot, unfortunately. I'm sure the officer took no pleasure in that, but he did what he had to do - no matter how difficult. Thank you, Officer Casey, for your excellent service. Stay safe!

--> mc
Wolfe, get a grip. Of course you probably sit in some little 6x6 cubicle with pictures of your family around you and some stupid trinkets that you bought on your last vacation. Yes, Wolfe there are crazy people out there and no they're not ALL armed with guns and knives. Some have keyboards any use words. This officer did what he did because that's his job to protect your sorry ***, and I for one am proud we have men and women like him protecting my family Unlike the keyboard heros like you. I know your family is safer today because of Officer Casey, just not sure you know it. Do us a favor stop your sidewalk psychology and be grateful your sorry butt is safe and that today you'll be able to keyboard another stupid comment, because of Officer Casey.

--> Why I'm not a cop
First, who would want to go through all this crap defending yourself? Criminals kill people all the time, make absurd claims of self defense, and people believe them. But not cops! Had this guy came at me with a knife, I would have emptied my gun, reloaded, emptied it again, and then choked him with my just-soiled underwear. But I'm sure all you heroic posters here would have somehow disarmed him with your bare hands!

--> Bitter Harold
Harold didn't you get arrested a short time ago. Bitter bitter man. Keep voting in those overrides framing ham residents let's keep spending Harold's money.

--> Cool cat
To Harold and the rest of you sheep like him. You just stay home and talk about what we do, we will take care of you and your family in a way that you and the rest of the week people of society can't. I have met you personally and people who think like you. None of you could every survive a situation like that or the countless others faced by the police every day. You just keep bashing the town and the police and we will continue to keep your week pathetic self safe.

--> Better Headline
Framingham I.C.E officer given department's top award

--> Framingham Ed
Everyone should be glad with his time at the shooting range paying off. You always should be happy when the thugs get two in the hat and we don't get stuck paying for them.

As someone who has 20 years of service in the military and the last 3 as a law enforcement officer I can say this. When a person goes through training he not only has to qualify in use and knowledge of his weapon but they also have to go through "shoot or don't shoot" scenarios. When responding to a call of this nature officers are trained to make sure that this is a "shoot scenario" and that the ladder of force to use a gun is necessary. Sometimes these guys have mere seconds to make this decision. I remember the story and the guy was shot in the chest which would mean that the guy was coming towards the officer. Steve Casey made the right choice and shame on you that criticize him especially those who have never had to serve in in the law enforcement community. Until you ahve walked a mile in his shoes you should just shut up.

--> Fram
Congratulations! Officer Casey. Job well done!

--> Fram Well put Chuck!

--> P.Sullivan
He was doing what any police officer would do under the circumstances. Yet the highest honor of the department is a little much in my opinion.

--> Officer Casey Rocks!!
I commend Officer Casey for shooting the guy who pulled a knife on him. The size of the knife doesn't matter a bit. What matters is that Officer Casey protected himself and others from the guy who pulled a knife -- which happens to be a deadly weapon -- on him.

--> I also know something about this story.
I heard from an insider that Officer Casey had seconds to make a decision and he began shooting from the feet up. That is a normal tactic, to try to stop him rather than kill him instantly. He shot him in the leg and the guy kept coming at him so his next shot was in his chest. That stopped him alright! I am so thankful that I wasn't the one who encountered this crazy man. If I were walking in that area at that time of night, I could have been the one he asked to help him with the "dead body" and, ultimately, ended up dead. Thank God for Officer Casey, he completely deserves the recognition. Those of you who have no idea what you're talking about, don't comment. This whole commenting-on-stories-just-to-be-negative has GOT to stop!!!

--> FBI
If the man was an illegal Brazilian the cop wouldn't of gotten off so easy. The whole police force would be taken down on that one.

--> Read the article
I encourage people to read the key words of the Chief in this article. The officer was "flagged down" by Thomsen. The Chief also says that Thomsen was armed with a knife and was intent on killing someone that night. The Chief also hoped he would have reacted as quickly as the officer.

I seriously doubt the officer would have anticipated what was to occur moments later however he reacted to a life threatening situation based on his police training.

I'm very grateful the officer survived and reacted in the way he did. I certainly would not want to have been in the officers shoes. How many of us would have reacted as quickly to such an immediate threat on OUR lives?

God Bless Officer Casey and his family for the personal and professional sacrifices he made on behalf of the residents of Framingham.

Congratulations to Officer Casey and the entire Framingham Police Department. I don't think that people realize that each and every decision a Police Officer makes on the street has to quick, has to be done as an individual, and has to be correct. The Framingham Police Department hires, trains and only keeps the best of the best. There is a saying on the streets. If you want to commit a crime and get caught, commit it in Framingham, If you just like to commit crime, and want to continue at it, Ashland is for you!!

--> FBI
We have plenty of criminals to keep the Framingham police force busy.
If you count the transients that travel through the town, the illegals, and the SMOC drug people we have more than enough. In fact Framingham must have a big sign somewhere that says kick me.

--> Thankful resident - Police Officers do not get paid to get injured or killed. They need to do whatever it takes to get home to their families. They are not robots, but fathers, sons, mothers, wives, husbands .... Excellent job to Officer Casey for getting home that night.

--> Petey
The police did not have to shoot that poor man he was ill and needed help.I am appalled at him getting awarded for killing another human being.I'm sure Mr.Thomsen wanted to go home to his family that night too.

--> to Petey
That man wanted to kill that night! Yes, he was ill and needed help, but once you begin flailing a dangerous weapon at an officer, you're asking to get hurt or killed yourself! As a poster stated before, the officer began shooting down, just to stop Thomsen. He didn't fall and kept charging the officer.... it doesn't seem Thomsen was thinking of going home to see his family while he was charging the officer with a knife.

--> Cool cat
Hey spin,
You should just be quiet at this point. It is clear the most dangerous thing you do is type on this site. You have no idea what it takes to handle a perosn who intends to do you harm. You talk about another way to handle it and help him? You sir would be a pile of dead skin on the sidewalk if you ran into this guy or anyone like him. You should stick to whatever safe thing it is you do and let the Cops handle the dirty work. They should post the internal on the web site when you put your address on this one. FOOL.

--> RE: Petey2

The police did not have to shoot that poor man he was ill and needed help.I am appalled at him getting awarded for killing another human being.I'm sure Mr.Thomsen wanted to go home to his family that night too.

The police did not have to shoot that poor man he was ill and needed help, so do you think if Officer Casey said " put the knife down you need help" The "poor man" would have put the knife down?

You appalled at him getting awarded for killing another human being ? What if it was Officer Casey had been killed? Would you still be "appalled?"

I'm sure Mr.Thomsen wanted to go home to his family that night too..... and Officer Casey did not?
If Mr.Thomsen wanted to go home and see his family that night, He should not have flagged down Officer Casey, and then charge at him with a knife.

--> Rambo What is your definition of minor?

We have illegal Brazilians who have come here who have been exposed as murderers, child molesters, criminals expert in document fraud and every other fraud and lots of these crimes make the paper, so what is MINOR, I'm curious...

Personally four shots seem a bit much here, also lets see the knife, I'm curious eventually the police will have a two foot bowie knife as the assault weapon.

Welcome to Framingham if you're insane go to the police with a knife and have them kill you... it's free and you'll get an award from Chief Carl......Meanwhile all the "minor calls to the police are making the headlines from the Brazilian crimaliens.


--> Hmmm.....
Mr. Thomsen was supposed to be with his family that night at a wedding. He was a no-show because he was attempting to kill a police officer during that time period. If he really wanted to go home to his family that night, he would have already BEEN with his family.


--> FBI
Like he went out and planed to kill a police officer. Something is fishy about this. I think one shot would of been sufficient.

--> DTC
Wolfe, you are a disgrace. Officer Casey is a credit to himself, his department and his field. There are consequences for our actions, and charging a police officer with a knife got him killed. If the man was mentally ill, that is unfortunate, but in the split second that Officer Casey had to make the decision, he could not have known what the man's motivations were. It may come as a surprise to you, Wolfe, that there have been a few people who have "in their right mind" gone out and decided to attack the police, and that is why the police are trained to react the way they are, and Officer Casey actually did. Officer Casey has an outstanding reputation for being an excellent cop who other officers want backing them up and he 100% deserves the award he received. Your reputation is that of a bigmouth "know-it-all" that doesn't know shi%^. Police officers do an incredibly dangerous, and most of the time thankless job and although they are paid to perform a job that could get them hurt or killed, they are not paid to let that happen without defending themselves. You not only should be ashamed of yourself and your lack of respect and appreciation for the services that your police department provides, but you should also apologize for being too stupid to realize that this award was not granted in celebration of the taking of someone's life, but for the celebration of an officer who was sucessful in performing under extreme pressure and doing his duty. Just because you couldn't do the same should not cause you to exploit the dead and this officer to make yourself feel better.

--> to DTC
Well put!!! Thank you for writing that!

--> Possibly was scared
No gun was needed. I he is a professionaly trained LEO like veryone says he is, he could of used his baton or billy club to stop the attack.

--> RE: Possibly was scared
Are you retarded? Yeah, maybe Officer Casey "could" have used his baton, but why would he risk being fatally stabbed by a nut job who could have been hopped up on drugs and overpowered him instead of shooting him? Anyone who thinks he did the wrong thing an ***.

--> Petey
That poor sould who lost his life.....I the police officer had asked him nicely and politely he might have put the knife down...maybe he just wanted some help..

--> Disgrace
It is a disgrace that people would question Casey. First of all this is no movie. You don't just shoot a person one time and send him flying through the plate glass window. Handgun rounds do not have a lot if stopping power unless you get hit in the spine or head. People run through them on a daily basis so educate yourself before you make an ignorant comment. Secondly cops are not ninjas and they bleed as easily as anyone else. Faced with a lethal threat cops SHOULD use lethal force. I'm sure Casey made a promise to go home to his family every night and the last thing he was thinking about was what the cowards if the world would say about his actions. If my family was at risk I would want Officer Casey there. So to all you cowards out there keep typing away and bashing the police, the same people who would risk their lives for your ungrateful behinds.

--Re: Petey
Yeah, he wanted help alright. He wanted to help Officer Casey into an early grave. You're an effen moron, Petey. Asking "politely" in a situation like that would have cost Off. Casey his life. I'm only assuming you're trying to be funny...b/c if you're serious, than you are a waste of space.

--> Melanie E
For those who are criticizing O/Casey, WHAT WOULD YOU HAVE DONE? O/Casey has EVERY right (just as you would) to defend himself. And if (as one of you morons suggested), O/Casey had just talked to him, and as a result this mentally ill, homicidal person went and killed someone else, you'd all be saying "That cop is responsible- He should've killed that crazy guy!!". And by the way "possibly was scared", I nominate you to go head to head with a knife-wielding lunatic- but don't worry, we'll arm you with a baton to defend yourself with!

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