School bus, police car crash in Framingham February 16, 2012
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FRAMINGHAM -- No one was injured in a minor crash between a police cruiser and a school bus yesterday, police said.

No students were on the bus when the cruiser clipped the rear driver's side quarter panel around 9 a.m. at the intersecion of Edgell and Water streets, police spokesman Lt. Ron Brandolini said.

The bus was not moving when the crash occurred. The only one on the bus was the driver.

The cruiser, driven by Officer Lawrence Linehan, had its lights on and was responding to an emergency call.

Both the bus and cruiser sustained minor damage, Brandolini said.

        Police report: 1201172 Lawrence E.Linehan's cruiser clips a school bus

        Police log entry:
        1201172  09:01   ACC M/V: EDGELL RD / WATER ST (SEE REPORT) 
                         950: LINEHAN
                         953: LOUGHMAN 
                         951: TEEL 
                         CRUISER 950 VS. 
                         SCHOOL BUS 35603.         

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