A big steaming pile of 300 MA state police officers not doing their jobs.

I was initially alerted to the name Matthew Daigle on a large LED light panel on the Mass Pike. I then asked my self, who is this idiot.

Allow me to understand this. An average state police officer, Matthew Daigle, age 31, who had a high school diploma, keels over from a medical emergency while exercising and several hundred state police officers show up for the funeral.

At least 20 police cruisers escorted Daigle's body from the hospital (Framingham Union) to the medical examiner's office in Boston for an autopsy. This constitutes the pre-funeral traffic jam and imagine the cost of dragging the carcass to Boston so that it could be determined that he is actually dead.

It's interesting to know he died from a medical emergency and not something like a heart attack. He most likely did something really stupid and there is a desire to cover up his stupidity. I'm betting he tried to jump a fence and failed. Ouch!

Matthew Daigle graduated from Natick High School and had probably learned to kill others and become an american terrorist in his two tours in Afghanistan. Impressive credentials for a 31 year old.

One can tell from the funeral pictures that traffic in downtown Natick was blocked off for the convenience of the state police unions who have no respect for civilians. They only care about their own worthless hides.

This horrible abuse of power, and public funds in staging a state funeral for some worthless American terrorist (with a high school degree) who died in some hilarious way is shameful.

Imagine these worthless state police officers who prefer funerals over their work. Their salaries range from $100K to $300K. Who are they really working for? Themselves. Daigle was referred to as a hero. Why? How many Afghanistanis did he kill to earn that reputation?

Imagine how much traffic was snarled while they dragged his worthless carcass several miles to be interred to take up valuable real estate for hundreds of years.

The wake took place on Sunday afternoon, March 26, at John Everett & Sons Funeral Home in Natick. The funeral was Monday, March 27, at 10 a.m., St. Patrick's Catholic Church, Natick.

Fuck Matthew Daigle and the horse he rode in on. Someone should fuck his parents too. I'm convinced that his death cost the taxpayers well over $100,000 given how many state police officers (300) showed up at the funeral. Disgusting display of arrogance! Just like the Jews.

This military formation is to remind you that they want you to be their suckass lackey living in perpetual fear.....

This seems like an interesting post on Masscops. It mentions 300 state police officers showed up. An analysis of their wording shows increasing arrogance to those outside their profession. Words like "sworn officers", "trooper brother" "served with great integrity", "honored" strongly indicate union activities. I guess these cretins believe that a five year nondescript career as a state police officer entitles one to a state funeral.

Let us examine the statement "and to pray for Trooper Daigle and his loved ones", First problem is, he no longer has loved ones. He's dead. Second, praying to who?.

When you are dead, you don't know you are dead.
It is difficult only for the others.
It's the same when you are stupid.

Note below how much more threatening they get when they organize themselves.

They do worship that fallen comrade crap. I'd love to know how Matthew Daigle fell. As for myself, I have never gone to any funeral and won't. It's religious crap.

They are also fans of american-exceptionalism .

The state police might want to reconsider such large formations in an era where one individual screaming Allahu Akbar can use a truck to mow them down.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Been getting a lot of land line calls on this from anonymous police officers who do not understand the US Constitution and/or freedom of speech. Good thing my land line goes to voicemail so I can record any threats against my life.

One caller stated I would be getting what I deserve for saying these mean things about police officers.

One woman called me a cunt. Another guy called me a piece of human garbage.

It is always enlightening to hear their thoughts. They are very brave behind their anonimity. I just wish one was courageous enough to state their position publicly so we could debate this issue of state funerals and associated costs to taxpayers. All they want to do is preen their feathers.

I wonder how many readers take note of the basic tenet of this site.
Who guards us from the guards?
Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes?

I'm guessing they are not avid readers of latin.

There was a seven year old learning big words left in my voice mail by these nice callers.

I was afraid that this page on Matthew Daigle would go unseen, but the calls have confirmed that I do have their attention.

Here's some other neat stuff from our alleged guardians of society. . This page was written by Aidan Kearney.

See how they think!

Aidan Kearney believes in souls. In 2017? How primitive!

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