According to this article , Matt Gutwill, now a Framingham police officer, was a token jew in Ashland.

Apparently, Matthew Gutwill suffered emotional distress when he was called a token jew by the Ashland police chief, Roy Melnick. How sad!

Roy Melnick said, "I feel bad for the citizens of Framingham that (Gutwill is) a police officer in their town now. But I'm grateful for Ashland that he no longer works here. I'm grateful on behalf of the citizens of Ashland that he no longer works here,"

Gutwill was hired by Carl as another token jew in Framingham.

Matt Gutwill, was an Ashland narcotics detective with 400 to 500 undercover buys under his belt.

As an undercover cop in the drug trade, Matthew Gutwill is the type of cop that should be financially audited once a year to see if he is on the take. The monies in the drug business far exceed those police officers get paid, so the temptation to take some on the side is always present, and very easy.

Gutwill uses public funds to make drug buys to entrap drug dealers. When he arrests a drug dealer that has piles of cash (perhaps $100,000), who counter balances Matt Gutwill's temptation to be greedy.

An officer like Matt Gutwill doesn't want the drug dealers to go away. This is his bread and butter business that he may want to continue. The police department gets too much money from the drug trade that they use to buy useless toys with.

In May 2005, Framingham Officer Matthew Gutwill fired his gun three times at a pickup truck whose driver had rammed his cruiser. Gutwill was cleared of any wrongdoing

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