At 1142 on July 13, 2017, officer Nicholas Donnini (badge #347) who is a Patrol Officer in the Patrol Division was nice enough to block traffic upstream from me. The officer was taking a left off Sanger St onto Concord and in so doing provided me with cover to make a U-turn. so I made a U-turn at 214 Concord Street and then he immediately pulled me over. I guess I wasn't going fast enough for him.

He initially says he's going to give me a Warning but after a little research on my name, he gave me a Marked Lanes violation (MGL-89-4a) , a citation for $105.00. He gave no explanation for the Marked Lanes violation (MGL-89-4a) which is important if you read the law.

Section 4A: Driving vehicles in a single lane; motorcycles, riding and passing

Section 4A. When any way has been divided into lanes, the driver of a vehicle shall so drive that the vehicle shall be entirely within a single lane, and he shall not move from the lane in which he is driving until he has first ascertained if such movement can be made with safety. The operators of motorcycles shall not ride abreast of more than one other motorcycle, shall ride single file when passing, and shall not pass any other motor vehicle within the same lane, except another motorcycle.

The officer also pointed out that you may not cross double yellow lines. This is absolute bullshit. This means that left turns onto driveways are illegal on Concord Street.

My Garmin Dashcam recorded all of this.

Marked Lanes Violation 20170713:1142 Video

Marked Lanes Violation 20170713:1142 Video on YouTube

I choose to contest it and this is where it gets funny. I pay my $25 fee to contest it. I create a video with all relevant information and post it on YouTube. Traffic court date August 10.

On August 10, 2017, I go to traffic court, held in courtoom 4. The magistrate is John Deluca, our blind magistrate. He has to be driven in, and he earns a lot of money being blind.

John Deluca knows of my criticism of his blindness and actually said something really stupid, and I quote:

Why would you bring visual evidence to what you call a blind magistrate?

He did not understand that by bringing visual evidence to a blind magistrate, he would have to find me not responsible because he cannot see the evidence.

If he found me responsible, I would shred that little blind idiot in the public domain and would file complaints with all levels of the judiciary, saying...

Look, a blind idiot, with a learning disability, amongst you..

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