Framingham Police Light It Up Blue For World Autism Awareness Day April 2, 2022
Susan Petroni, Framingham Source Editor 508-315-7176 Framingham Source
FRAMINGHAM - To support World Autism Awareness Day, the 4 to midnight shift of the Framingham Police lighted up blue.

Today is the 15th Annual World Autism Day.

The Light it Up Blue campaign is spearheaded by the organization Autism Speaks.

The goal is to foster understanding and acceptance for those with autism.

Supporters were encouraged to wear blue clothing and post to social media using the hashtag #LightItUpBlue to raise awareness

Yet another activity that allows them to temporarily escape their job of law enforcement and suck off the taxpayers.

I cannot help but suspect that a disproportionate number of police officers enjoy their autism while some suffer from it.

The police have to do these feel nice things to compensate their routine actions on the streets.

Would they "lightupthepink" and show their colors?

The world awaits with bated breath.

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