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Dear sirs/madams,

The document can be accessed on line via this URL:


According to the police report on my arrest on October 29, 2014


I was charged with the following esoteric crimes:

MGL-266-120 Trespassing

MGL-272-53 Disorderly Conduct

MGL-272-99F Possession of a secret recording device

MGL-272-99F Secretly recording the police

All but the trespassing charge have now been dismisssed.

As shown in the letter below, I have inquired with our police chief about the lack of evidence of secretly recording the police. Mr Ferguson has yet to respond and this letter is a request to force a response from him. Note that this charge is a felony and carries a two to five year prison sentence.

I have to conclude that the sergeant Michael Esposito and officer Christopher Burrell took two hours to contemplate filing a false charge against me. This was a clear, unambiguous, deliberate and wanton act by two Framingham police officers and whoever signed off on the police report. This makes them clearly and unambiguously guilty of falsifying a police report.

MGL-269-13a Falsifying a police report

It would seem that the police chief is just as complicit in this false charge, since he has taken no action against any of his officers.

In the recent past, police chief Ken Ferguson has tried his best to label me as mentally unstable:

Wolfe: Duncan, Ferguson should be fired

Now, it seems, he's using the force of government to place me in prison any which way he can. Perhaps, I can elicit a response from the Board of Selectmen on this issue?

Any questions you may have can be resolved by calling me at 508-561-8452 (C) or by email: hjwolfe@gmail.com

Your failure to reply will make me come down and see you people and I will probably be in a rather obnoxious mood. It's not that difficult for you to reply to this request.

                                               Sincerely yours,

                                               Harold J. Wolfe

                                               65 Delmar Avenue
                                               Framingham, MA 01701
                                               March 23, 2015

        Framingham Police Department
        1 William Welch Way
        Framingham, MA 01702
        Attention: Framingham Police Chief
                   Ken Ferguson

Dear sir,

This document can be accessed on line via this URL:


Thank you for giving me back the recorder and camera. I was expecting to find on the recorder an audio file that would indicate that I secretly recorded the police. Since I found no such file, I have to ask if the police deleted it or did the file never exist?

I have to presume that if I was charged for secretly recording the police, there must have been such a file. Can I get a copy of it as evidence of the charge?

There is also evidence that the evidence bag I received from you had been re-opened after it was sealed, but there is no trace of who handled it (chain of custody).

See this web file for detailed pictures...


Any technical questions you may have can be resolved by calling me at 508-561-8452 (C) or by email: hjwolfe@gmail.com

                                               Sincerely yours,

                                               Harold J. Wolfe

The story behind Lindsey McNamara of "Feed The Piggies" fame shows us the completely lack of integrity, honesty and justice within the Framingham police department, the Middlesex DA's office and David W. Cunis's court in Framingham.

Her police report was written by Christopher Ottaviani (#312) and signed off by Lt. Michael Siaba (#212). Later it was investigated by L. Hendry (#145) and approved by our police chief Ken Ferguson (#128). These four approved of both charges of malicious destruction and disorderly conduct against Lindsey McNamara. All four had daily access to the counter that had allegedly been destroyed.

Lindsey McNamara goes to court and both charges are dropped after the police apparently testiifed that there was no destruction and her actions did not rise to disorderly conduct.

It's clear the four police officers conspired to falsify the police report claiming destruction when none had occured. Both the DA (Marian Ryan's minion Benjamin Franklin) and judge David W. Cunis knew that but failed to charge the four police officers for wanton and deliberate falsification of a police report (see MGL-269-13a). Given this, we are expected to respect the Framingham police. the Middlesex Da's office and David W. Cunis's courthouse? Nyuck! Nyuck!

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