I was delighted to read his obituary on January 5, 2020.

He was a member of the Framingham police force who raided my house without a warrant and stole two kids from me. Police chief Ken Ferguson ordered the raid but every single police officer who came to my house ignored the U.S. Constitution, a document that is too difficult for police officers to read.

I sincerely hope he died a long agonizing death and may his children suffer accordingly.

Framingham drivers should feel safer now that he's dead.

Few thing are more likely to undermine the legitimacy of the Framingham police than the perception that they are not abiding by the rule of law or are indifferent to civilian casualties

Kailyn Krishtal

You are an evil human being for bringing my children into your hatred
of my ex-husband.  My children are grieving the loss of their father,
after already having lost our oldest daughter at 9 years old. No child
should have to suffer such traumatic losses at such a young age...they
have loss their sister suddenly, and watched their father waste away
to cancer for the last year and a half....they are innocents in this.

Your freedom of speech gives you the right to say what you want about
my ex, but you must be a pretty sad and sick person if you wish ill
on our innocent children.  Our children are not responsible for your
perceived wrong doing on his part...leave them out of it. 

If you have any decency in you, you will edit my children out of your
defaming post of Val or delete the entire thing out of pure sympathy
for them. You are not the one who will have to deal with the fall out
of my children stumbling across your hatred online someday, I will and
we have suffered enough already....and they have done nothing to you
and we do not deserve to be punished for it. We have done nothing to you.

Kristine Crosman 

Here's something to consider.  If you show me a warrant signed by a
judge as required by the 4th amendment of the US Constitution that
authorized your husband to take those children and place them in DCF,
then I'll retract my comments about your children.  Your husband and
his cronies acted as pure thugs.  The younger child still is horrified
by his DCF experience.


I tried to be civil with you but obviously that does not work.  I do
not answer for my ex-husband's actions regardless of what they were,
I am only here to protect my children. And as one has seen other innocent
children being traumatized I would think you would be the first person
not to do it to somebody else’s children. Two wrongs never make a
right... And as you put in your post I hope you "suffer accordingly"
for your ill wishes against my children. Please do not contact me any further.


I'll give her credit that she understands the First Amendment.

It's a shame her worthless husband did not know about the Fourth Amendment.

Framingham cop injured in crash November 24, 2011
Norman Miller 508-626-3823 Metrowest Daily News
FRAMINGHAM -- A Framingham Police officer suffered bumps and bruises after losing control of his cruiser and crashing into a stone wall Tuesday night, police said.

Officer Val Krishtal was driving to Leigh Street in response to reports of gunshots when his cruiser spun out and crashed into a wall near 122 Edgell Road around 9:30, Deputy Police Chief Craig Davis said.

Krishtal was taken to MetroWest Medical Center in Framingham where he was treated for bumps and bruises and released.

"It appears the injuries were caused by his seat belt and the airbag," Davis said.

Krishtal has not returned to work and Davis said it's not known if he'll miss any time due to the crash.

Davis said the police cruiser appears to have been totaled and the crash is investigation.

He said other officers investigated the initial call and found no evidence that a gun had been fired.

This article states that Val Krishtal joined the Framingham police force in 1997, and has been in involved in 16 on-duty accidents, 9 of which he was at fault in the past 15 years, including a stop sign violation.

Most of the accidents Krishtal has been in have been minor, including one where he backed into a fire hydrant on Oct. 18, 2010, in a Worcester Road parking lot, or another at Framingham District Court on Dec. 23, 1997, when his car bumped a parked car as he maneuvered out of a snowpile. Krishtal was in two accidents last year, including the Nov. 22 incident.

Clearly, this officer would be a good crash test dummy and should be assigned a desk job or a walking job. Only in Framingham can a cop be such a bad driver and still be left free to be a menace to society. Val Krishtal is as good with a police cruiser as Paul Duncan is with a gun.

I wonder how Val Krishtal's driving compares to a typical alcoholic whose license hasn't been revoked. Our idiot police chief nevertheless continues to support this officer.

Val Krishtal vjk@framinghamma.gov 508-872-1212 ext. 4251


The address 122 Edgell Road shows a straightaway.... no turns, no curves. One has to ask, what made him lose control on the slick road?. I speculate that he tried to avoid a car turning onto or off Edgell Road and was simply going too fast. The roads are the most dangerous just before it begins to rain because drivers think the road is still dry.

No checks on alcohol or drug usage, no check on cellphone usage... The officer Val Krishtal gets a free pass to destroy a cruiser and the taxpayers have to pay for his stupidity.

This accident occured as a rain shield was moving in. The cruiser is new enough that it most probably has an ( event data recorder or EDR ) on board to tell us what speed he was doing a moment before impact. This information is available thru the car's (On Board Diagnostics) OBD-II plug.

How long were the skid marks if he wasn't hydroplaning?

Skid Mark Calculator Without any analysis, it's clear to most people that he was driving way too fast and could have killed someone had the stone wall not taken him out.

The average cost of a new cruiser with all pertinent equipment is approximately $45,000.00.

Police log entries

                 21:23   SUSP NOISE: 71 LEIGH ST (CK OK) 950: PATRIARCA 
                         941: KRISHTAL 942: GIROTTI 948: BAKER 954: GREEN                           
        Police report: 1108038 Val Krishtal takes out a cruiser

        1108038  21:26   ACC M/V: 122 EDGELL RD (SEE REPORT) 941: KRISHTAL
                         948: BAKER 942: GIROTTI ACC, CRUISER 941 INTO POST.
                         FFD ENRT. SMITTYS   TOW. 

I tried to get the police report 1108038 at the records desk but the request was denied by the gatekeepers. I then requested it via the Board of Selectman and was once again rebuffed.

The police have had several months to investigate this accident.

In September, 2012, I finally get a copy of the police report.

Framingham Police Officer Diagnosed With Cancer; Fund Set Up To Help Him July 15, 2018
Susan Petroni, Framingham Source Editor 508-315-7176 Framingham Source
FRAMINGHAM - A 20-year veteran of the Framingham Police Department has been diagnosed with cancer.

After being rushed to a local hospital with abdominal pain, doctors discovered a large mass on the intestine of Framingham Police Officer Val Krishtal.

Officer Krishtal will undergo several rounds of chemotherapy to reduce the size of the mass, before doctors can attempt to remove it.

Due to this prescribed treatment, he will be out of work for an extended period of time, according to Framingham Police officers.

As a devoted father of two young children, as well as being a dedicated police officer, he selflessly gives of himself, wrote the Framingham Police Association is setting up a GoFundMe to help Officer Krishtal. They are hoping to raise $20,000.

"Now, our friend is the one in need of some assistance. Any donation is greatly appreciated," the Association wrote last night in setting up the fund.

See how they waste your money for a useless funeral.

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