Gangs in Framingham
In response to our most recent school stabbing, the Framingham police (those people who don't enforce immigration laws ) gave a presentation on gangs in Framingham.

The newspaper headline was: Dangerous residents: Nobody Should Be Afraid

There was one verbal gaffe. The term youth prevention grants was used instead of youth violence prevention grants.

According to the Framingham police, a gang is a group of youths engaged in delinquent behaviour.

Accordingly, a police gang is a group of young police officers engaged in delinquent behaviour.

The bottom line is that the number of police officers exceeds the number of gang members in Framingham.... assuming that yoou do not count the police as a gang.

The police developed this reference card for parents wanting to know whether their kids are getting involved in gangs.
One problem with these cards is that they are written in english.
The single parent mothers needing this information will probably not be able to read them.

Besides, you pretty much have to be a moron if you actually think these cards are useful, but more on this later..... These cards constitute common sense for those who have none.


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