Police raid wrong apartment during Framingham drug sweep May 2, 2014
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An apology simply lays the groundwork for the next offense.

FRAMINGHAM -- During a multi-jurisdictional and multi-agency drug sweep on Thursday, state and Framingham police forced their way into one wrong home, authorities said.

Framingham Police Chief Kenneth Ferguson said Friday that officers raided 78B Second St. early Thursday morning, rather than the intended target of 78A Second St., scaring a mother and her five children.

"It was an unfortunate mistake on our part," said Ferguson. "I offer no excuse. We were supposed to serve the warrant at Apartment A."

Police arrested eight people in Framingham, Boston and Worcester, as part of the sweep of what authorities called an investigation into a large-scale cocaine distribution ring. Officers from Framingham, Natick, the Massachusetts State Police and federal authorities all took part in the nearly simultaneous raids.

"It was an unfortunate incident," said Framingham Deputy Police Chief Ron Brandolini. "One of the teams hit the wrong door. It was right next door to it."

Michelle McClain, who lives with her five children who range from 4 years old to 18, told Fox 25, that the police forced their way into the home and, while brandishing guns, ordered everyone to the ground. After police realized their mistake, they left and went to the correct apartment.

Ferguson said he and a sergeant both spoke with McClain, apologizing for what happened. He said they got the school resource officer to come to speak to the children, and arranged for the door to be repaired.

"We take this very seriously," said Ferguson. "We're terribly sorry about it and we apologize to the family and the community. We will look at the tactical action report to see what went wrong and to make sure it doesn't happen again."

Town Manager Robert Halpin also apologized to McClain after the accidental raid.

"It's a very regrettable error," he said. "We deeply regret it and we have offered a very sincere apology."

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