My experiences are pretty much summed up by the video above. The police officer at the front desk is trained to make it as difficult as possible for the average citizen to file a complaint. Getting a complaint form is worse than pulling teeth.

You ask for a complaint form and they'll tell you that they do not have one. They always have one.

You will be asked to see the watch commander. That would be the husky guy sucking down donuts in the back office. You do not have to see the watch commander.

You will always be asked for your identity even though they will not identify themselves even by name. You do not have to identify yourself until you submit the complaint.

They will always ask which officer is the target of the complaint. You do not have to identify the target officer until you submit the complaint.

Here in Framingham, you can complain to various police officials and always CC the Board of Selectman.

Pick a police official of your choice below:

Ken Ferguson:

The official snail mail address of the police department is:

Framingham Chief of Police
1 William Welch Way
Framingham, MA 01702

This page points to most senior staff members of the Framingham police.

Obviously, you will have to properly identify yourself, but if your complaint is by email, always carbon copy the Board of Selectman.

This page provides more details on the BoS.

You probably should also send in your complaint by snail mail. You are not dealing with the Avant Garde community of technology.

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