Here is Framingham's police chief advocating violence amongst children.

Our police chief gets all these kids and teaches them to punch each other in the head over and over again because it will be a useful skill later in their lives when they become police officers.

One of these kids may become Ferguson's successor.

This is just an advert for the police unions. They attempt to show that they are doing good deeds, but their real job is to ruin people's lives by arresting them for minor crimes, breaking down their doors, and generally shooting and killing people.

Instead of boxing, they could have supported computer science or engineering....., but wait, police officers can barely pronounce such words.

Ferguson: Support for boxing appreciated July 7, 2014
Kenneth Ferguson Metrowest Daily News
On behalf of the Framingham Police Athletic League, I would like to thank all those who made our first Annual Night at the Fights amateur boxing exhibition a complete success.

I would like to express my sincere thanks to the TJX Companies and the Framingham Police Association for their support as well as K&S Auto Body, Wayside Youth and Family Services, Framingham Police Superior Officers Association, MassBay Community College and the Framingham Patrol Officers Union.

The night started with Hopkinton resident Michael Mullins accompanied by his sister Judy Sullivan singing the national anthem and continued with 16 junior Olympic and novice boxing bouts. The success of this night will enable the Framingham Police Athletic League to continue in their support of local youth programs. The historic venue of Nevins Hall added to the excitement of these amateur boxers and their fans.

I would also like to thank the Framingham Auxiliary Police, The USA Amateur Boxing staff and officials, Framingham Building Services Director Jim Paolini and his staff as well as the officers and civilian volunteers who worked so hard to make the night the overwhelming success it was.


Chief of Police


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