As scheduled by the court back in August, 2009, I went to District Court in Framingham on October 13, 2009 to pursue my charges of assault and battery against Framingham's Deputy Police Chief Ken Ferguson.

I went to the court's office on the middle (or main floor) to inquire in which courtrooom my case would be held. The woman at the desk checked the printed court docket and could not find any reference to my case (defendant Ferguson). She then had to start up the crummy slow Microsoft Windows based computer to find out more. This took about 10-15 minutes. Finally, she told me to go to Courtroom 1, the main courtroom. It seemed very strange that it should be in Courtroom 1 when I expected Courtroom's 2, 3 or 4 upstairs. Ken Ferguson was in Courtroom 1 talking to the court's chief security officer Michael Farrel ($80,000/year) and the Clerk of Courts. Here was a defendant who was hobnobbing and discussing stuff with court personnel. A few minutes go by.

The first item of business was the Clerk of Courts telling us that the Ferguson case was moved to Courtroom 3.

We all moved up to Courtroom 3. I had subpeonaed Jim Rizoli as a witness and we both sat down inside Courtroom 3 while Ferguson and his wife Lisa were waiting outside. Ferguson then came in. The court started its proceedings. The judge neglected to identify himself. We found out later that it was Robert V. Greco ($130,000/year).

We were the last case to be tried.

Despite my best attempt to question Ferguson, Greco ruled against me as I would have expected in any court system when police who are defendants hobnob with court personnel and discuss stuff.

In fact, I suspect that my case was given to Robert Greco because he is known as the most conservative judge. Earlier in the morning, in Courtroom 1, they were probably trying to find out which courtroom would be assigned to Greco.

When Rizoli and I exited from the courtroom, Police Chief Steven Carl was now sitting with Lisa Ferguson and they all went back to Town Hall together. It was now about noon time and Rizoli and I had breakfast to discuss police corruption. Imagine other defendants making deals with courtroom personnel.

According to his web page Ferguson teaches police ethics. What a joke!

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