Park Anywhere: The EVEN/ODD Parking Law is INVALID (per our research) March 8, 2021
Frank Wood Framingham Forward
Park Anywhere: The EVEN/ODD Parking Law is INVALID (per our research) By Frank Wood 5 hours ago

Just because the city decides to put up a sign or post a policy on their website... Does that make it true?

The following post is based on tips and research. We recommend verifying the rules that exist with the city or police before parking just anywhere. You are responsible for your own acts. We are not liable for your stupidity.

At the beginning of the year we got an tip from a Framingham insider. They told us: "When the traffic commission first started, the chair said that the local traffic laws were a mess... They said that there's nothing on the books about odd/even parking. It was like it was an old wives tale that just stuck and police started endforcing. They went on to say that if someone wanted to challenge the law, they would win because there is no law."

We tried to find a bylaw or rule which would make this policy enforceable and turned up nothing. So we filed a FOIA request.

On February 1st our FOIA was filed, and the city refused to respond. By law the city needed to respond to our request in 10 days. They failed to do so, in fact kept asking for more and more time to respond to us... so much so, that we were forced to file an appeal with the state. We won our appeal on March 4th. Today on March 8th our request was closed out with the following response.

With this response, the city has effectively stated that no policy governing what side of the street you choose to park on.

At Framingham Unfiltered we declare that as of today, March 8th, the even/odd parking rule in the city of Framingham is invalid. If you do get a ticket, challenge it. If you have paid a ticket based on even/odd parking in the past... go ahead and sue the city.

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