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On Thursday, September 3, 2015 around 0828, I was driving on Concord Street where it intersects Old Connecticut Path by Stop&Shop where officer Jeffrey M. Derosa (286) had your K-9 SUV parked by the side on Concord Street. My passenger flipped him off (three finger salute). After beating his chest a couple of times, Derosa decided to pursue me and stop me. We have the entire encounter on video.

Derosa clearly identified me by my first name so he knew who I was before pulling me over. This is ongoing political repression by you and your police thugs. He was asked why he pulled me over and he clearly stated that we flipped him off. There was no traffic violation or criminal activity and yet I was detained by your police thug. He asked me for my drivers license and registration just to nit pick, and I complied.

I want you, Ken Ferguson, the police chief, to clearly understand that flipping off a cop is not against any laws in Massachusetts or Framingham. It is constitutionally protected free speech. Yet another reminder that you and your thugs really have no respect for the U.S. Constitution. You think of yourselves as professionals, but your actions speak louder than words. Please train your staff on the concept of constitutionally protected free speech, which includes getting flipped off. I realize that they all fell asleep in Constitution 101 class in their criminal justice training in that Westfield diploma mill that you all attend.

This stop was a clear violation of my constitutional rights. Do it again and see what happens.

Please don't think you can arrest me for disorderly conduct (MGL 253-53). It will result in a legal liability. Please respect my constitutional rights and quit using the force of government for political repression.

The most appalling part in this video is how Derosa implies his toes could get run over. He should have gone back to his doggie car and not stood right next to my car. This was another stupid power play by these control freaks with a high school degree. Derosa also suggests that he might not help me in the future for flipping him off. That's a police officer politicizing his job. This is terrorism! This is the Ken Ferguson effect since Ferguson thinks the same way. Derosa and Ferguson should be fired.

I would like to know how many complaints Jeffrey Derosa (286) has had in his police career in Framingham.

Let's see if you take complaints seriously or laugh it off.

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