Blasphemy January 17, 2013
Harold J. Wolfe Metrowest Daily News
I (Harold J. Wolfe of Framingham) was recently reminded that the Commonwealth of Massachusetts still has its stupid unconstitutional law on blasphemy, MGL-272, Section 36.

I hereby curse and ridicule Jesus Christ and his unholy partner, the Holy Ghost. These two mythical sky creatures are part of the biggest con job on humanity. Their alleged holy words in the christian bible constitute the biggest pile of horse manure seen by mankind. By the way, what is a holy word or a holy ghost?

I now challenge the legal authorities in Massachusetts to arrest me on a charge of blasphemy. Let's see if our Middlesex District attorney, Gerard T. Leone, or a devout orthodox catholic judge like David W. Cunis are willing to arrest me for blasphemy.

Upon my arrest, I will demand that the Commonwealth produce these mythical creatures in a court of law or else Leone or Cunis will be ridiculed for supporting a law that defies intelligence. Show me their existence, beyond a reasonable doubt or resign from your positions.

If Jesus shows up, I will ask him to convert enough water to wine to satisfy the needs of a party of 300 guests. Since this process requires considerable fusion, I would prefer to observe this miracle from a heavily fortified bunker deep underground at least 25 miles away.

Any religion that demands earthly vengeance and retribution for any reason is not a religion at all, but a mental illness and should be treated as such.

It has been some time since I have felt the need to respond to a letter written in your newspaper, that is until yesterday, when to my horror, I read the letter written by Harold J. Wolfe of Framingham ("Breaking the law against blasphemy," Jan. 17).

First and foremost, it is unbelievable to me as to why you would publish such a hateful rant! I have no problem with anyone who does not believe in God, it is their right as a human being, and I do not force my Christian beliefs on anyone.

Mr. Wolfe, however, has been allowed by you to profess his hatred for religion, God, the Holy Spirit and the Bible as well as the laws of this country!

I would respectfully say to Mr. Wolfe that you most likely will not be held accountable for your rant as I am sure anyone with a lick of morality or common sense will look at it as the howlings of a bitter human being and I use the term human being very lightly.

I do, in fact, think that at the end of your days here, you may find out you should have been a little more respectful, and may receive the proof of the hereafter in a way that may cause you some discomfort.

I would, in the future, hope that you, as editor of this newspaper, use some discretion when printing the ravings of a madman, and think of the people who base their lives on the belief there is hope for us all, may not in this life, but in the life we are promised.



I have never seen a letter printed in a newspaper before that contained so much hate ("Breaking the law against blasphemy," Jan. 17). It made me feel truly sorry for the man. However, I do not understand why the paper decided to print it. If the letter had contained the same hatred for the Koran and Mohammed, it would not have been printed.


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