Request for information on my self from the police.
                                             65 Delmar Avenue
                                             Framingham, MA 01701
                                             March 26, 2012

         Town of Framingham
         Framinghm Police Department
         1 William Welch way
         Framingham, MA 01702
         Attn: Steven B. Carl
               Chief of Police

         Dear sir,

         This is a request under the Massachusetts Public Records Law
         (M. G. L. Chapter 66, Section 10).

         I am requesting that I be provided a copy of the following documents:

         - How many  Framingham police officers have looked up my
           driver's license without cause?
         - All files that have been accumulated on me in my
           police intelligence files.  I would expect to see the same
           materials that I've seen before, and then some additions.

         - All type written and hand written correspondence that contain
           any of my personal information as listed below, in any derivative.
        - Any and all paper photographs, online images and videos that contain
          the image of my face, house, car.
        - Any email generated in the last twelve months by any employee of the
          Framingham police department that contains the following names/numbers
          that are quite unique identifiers pointing to me and my issues.
          Please let me know what mailing system you are using.
          Mr. Wolfe
          Mr. Wolf
          Harold Wolfe
          Harold J. Wolfe
        - my address
          65 Delmar Avenue
          65 Delmar
          65 Delmar Ave
        - Any of my email addresses

        - any of the following numbers...
        - the name of any of my web sites

        To reduce copying charges for large volumes of material, all materials
        from computers can be placed on a CD/DVD.
        I recognize that you may charge reasonable costs for photocopies,
        computer disks, or personnel time to comply with this request. If you
        expect charges exceed $100, please contact me regarding this request
        and what you expect the cost to be and why?.
        As you are aware, I must be provided with this information within
        10 days. If you cannot comply with my request, please provide
        an explanation in writing.

                                             Harold J. Wolfe

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